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Product name:Sport glasses strap
Item NO:#1119F
Product name:Rhinestone glasses strap
Item NO:#1122
Product name:beaded glasses strap
Item NO:756D
Product name:leather glasses strap /optical cord / spectacles strap / eyewear holder / sunglasses strap
Item NO:#704
Product name:neoprene glasses strap /optical cord / spectacles strap / eyewear holder / sunglasses strap
Item NO:#700
Product name:elastic glasses strap /optical cord / spectacles strap / eyewear holder / sunglasses strap
Item NO:#699
Product name:neoprene glasses strap / optical cord / spectacles strap / eyewear holder / sunglasses strap
Item NO:#696
Product name:Metal chain glasses strap
Item NO:WC111
Product name:Stone and beaded glasses strap
Item NO:OPC-M02
Product name:Woven cord glasses strap
Item NO:OPC-01
Product name:Woven cord glasses strap
Item NO:#756A
Product name:Leather and porcelain
Item NO:#756B
Product name:Metal wire and beaded glasses strap
Item NO:#756C
Product name:Synthetic leather glasses strap
Item NO:#519
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