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Product name:reflective bracelet fashion jewelry / party fashion jewelry / fancy fashion jewelry /costume jewelry / imitation jewelry
Item NO:#372C
Product name:Metal bracelet / imitation bracelet fashion jewelry / metal fashion jewelry / alloy fashion jewlery / costume jewelry / imitation jewelry
Item NO:#506
Product name:Metal earring / imitation earring fashion jewelry / metal fashion jewelry / alloy fashion jewlery / costume jewelry / imitation jewelry
Item NO:#484
Product name:Metal cufflinks
Item NO:#329A
Product name:Plain pvc earring hanger /wrapper paper / tissue paper / cotton paper / wax paper / tracing paper
Item NO:#686
Product name:Polyresin barrette
Item NO:#1334C
Product name:Shell necklace
Item NO:#1143C
Product name:Polyresin earring
Item NO:#1334C
Product name:Cotton necklace
Item NO:#1319A
Product name:Stainless ring
Item NO:#1214Z
Product name:Stainless Ring
Item NO:#1236G
Product name:Stainless Necklace
Item NO:#1236F
Product name:Bead motif transfer
Item NO:#1254A
Product name:Glass necklace
Item NO:#825
Product name:Braided cotton necklace
Item NO:#1242A
Product name:Metal hairclip
Item NO:#1214M
Product name:Filled hexapod polyresin earring
Item NO:#1233E
Product name:Metal pendant
Item NO:#1214I
Product name:Pin brooch
Item NO:#1207A
Product name:Soft pvc bracelet
Item NO:#1008D
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